What We Stand For

Traditions and culture need to be respected and protected while ensuring that all people have democratic power and equality before the law. These bills do not do that. The TKLB does recognise the Khoi-San people, but the rest of this bill is about giving new oppressive powers to unelected chiefs like the apartheid government did. People should have a choice to attend a traditional court, but if Parliament’s version of the TCB becomes law, chiefs would be able to punish people who challenge them. through traditional court processes.

Accountable traditional leaders and courts exist. They do not need laws like this.

Clause 24 of the TKLB would give chiefs and their councils the power to sign over your land, including your family graves, your fields and even your homes, to mining companies, large farms, developers and casinos.

They will be able to do this without even asking your opinion, let alone your permission.

They will make millions while you lose your home.

The Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill (TKLB) and the Traditional Courts Bill (TCB) will effectively bring back the apartheid bantustans.